Dr Iavazzo

Dr. Iavazzo is a renowned gynecologist specializing in Gynecological Oncology and Robotic surgery. We presented all his work with references to the services he provides today at his Clinic.


The Firefighting Association Pyrosvesi consists of professionals who have a common vision for fire safety in Greece. We created the Corporate identity and the site of the association while we have undertaken the updating of the site and the social media.


The high competition in the field of heating led Kecotech to make the most spectacular website on the market with a complete list of all its services and products. It is an example site created entirely by O2design.

Family Affairs

The creation of FamilyAffairs, a site with an emphasis on Newborn, Baptism, Maternity and Family Portrait photography, gave a new character to the Studio's creative photography.


The company Diakatos, which specializes in Fire Protection and provides security solutions, upgraded its site, making it dynamic, easy to read and fast, meeting the modern requirements of their users-customers. The list includes as before all the products, but with a more direct categorization and


The No.1 hairdressing forum in Greece became a Social Network! With thousands of users every day, the requirements for a reliable server and technical support led to the cooperation with O2design and further upgrade of the forum to a Social Network with wall, friends, page