Mybiopassport, a Swiss company member of Biostarks group, is a lead laboratory which brings affordable screening solutions for everyone.  Their need was to create an eshop  where they could present and sell their products.


The International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) is an independent research and training institution focusing on the wider Black Sea region. They needed to change their website to a new layout that would combine modern aspects and their long established status.

Nomade et Sauvage

The vision of Nomade et Sauvage and its experiences requires professionalism, elegance and attention to detail. After creating the logo, we started a journey which ended with a beautiful minimal site. Booking manager, sending tickets and many other applications in the hands of the businessman.


A brand new platform that designed to help organising your wedding. E-invitations, photo collection and presentation are some of the benefits that users get. O2design supported this effort and developed the platform in a short time.

Athens Beverly Hills

Athens Beverly Hills, a high standard center and an exemplary point of reference for health and beauty in Greece. O2 Design created a website with special artistic aesthetics in order to approach and magnetize the clientele they serve. Our support is ongoing and includes publishing

Kyriaki Papastamatiou

Kyriaki Papastamatiou is a renowned civil engineer and wanted to expand her clientele through a beautiful website. The style of the page corresponds to her work and she is very happy with the final result.


The No1 American company for Prevention and Anti-Aging Cenegenics is now in Greece! The need of the Greek company was to present the content of the American firm to the Greek public by immediately filling out forms and chat service.


POLARTECH is active in the field of industrial / professional refrigeration and the supply of refrigeration components. They needed a page that would name them as a brand and would emphatically present their international collaborations as well as the services they offer.

Abroad Rent a Car

The car rental company Abroad, upgraded their site, making it dynamic, easy to read and fast, meeting the modern requirements of their customers. The reservation of the selected vehicle is also done through the company's Facebook page, as it has acquired a presence on all

Dr Iavazzo

Dr. Iavazzo is a renowned gynecologist specializing in Gynecological Oncology and Robotic surgery. We presented all his work with references to the services he provides today at his Clinic.