The No1 American company for Prevention and Anti-Aging Cenegenics is now in Greece! The need of the Greek company was to present the content of the American firm to the Greek public by immediately filling out forms and chat service.


POLARTECH is active in the field of industrial / professional refrigeration and the supply of refrigeration components. They needed a page that would name them as a brand and would emphatically present their international collaborations as well as the services they offer.

Wedding lab

Wedding Lab artistic photography needed a beautiful frame dressed in white like a bride! The constant search of the team for a unique style and nostalgic presentation, gave us a result that wins you over immediately!

Abroad Rent a Car

The car rental company Abroad, upgraded their site, making it dynamic, easy to read and fast, meeting the modern requirements of their customers. The reservation of the selected vehicle is also done through the company's Facebook page, as it has acquired a presence on all

Dr Iavazzo

Dr. Iavazzo is a renowned gynecologist specializing in Gynecological Oncology and Robotic surgery. We presented all his work with references to the services he provides today at his Clinic.


The high competition in the field of heating led Kecotech to make the most spectacular website on the market with a complete list of all its services and products. It is an example site created entirely by O2design.


The company Diakatos, which specializes in Fire Protection and provides security solutions, upgraded its site, making it dynamic, easy to read and fast, meeting the modern requirements of their users-customers. The list includes as before all the products, but with a more direct categorization and

Bagno Idee

Bagno Idee provides solutions for modern d├ęcor and tiling in homes and shops. O2design was invited to give its own solutions to improve the site and to accurately present the photographic material with the works.