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Proposal presented by: O2design

Context and Objectives

O2design is a Web design & Development company that emphasizes in client’s needs, making beautiful websites and web apps, offering support for upscaling companies.

The goal for the website "" is to help the company:

Improve brand perception and show the company kits in a way that new clients will embrace. Add Multilanguage pages in wordpress for EU countries.

To achieve those objectives, the O2design team will be in charge of:

• Developing the multi language project in full. • Offering on-demand support after the initial launch of the site.

The workflow of this project will be separated in the above stages::

• Adding the functionality for MUltilanguage • Creation of menus • Creation of homepages, internal pages and footer pages

The final deliverable for this project will be a fully functional multi language website with option to add more languages in the future.

Additional Services

O2design can provide support for your oncoming project.

Support Package

We already have a stable support package of 21 hours per month


Estimated Timeline:

10 days after we receive an acceptance, the mockups, full content and a 30% pre-payment

Multi language development (stage D)
10 working days

Your Investment

Website Development

Total: €2700

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If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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Why Us

O2design has already established partnerships with top companies (google, getsocial, agenso) that extend our vision and give us the possibility to see the future of the internet, guiding our clientele into the right direction. We are looking forward to working together.


The project starts after we receive your acceptance to this offer alongside with a pre payment of 40% of the accepted amount.
Payment is due 30 days from the invoice date.    

Bank information

IBAN: BE51 9671 5947 7662
Bank Account Number: 1594776