Precision in Healthcare, Elegance in Design. Our collaboration with this Swiss medical pioneer led to the creation of a sophisticated website and e-shop. Immerse yourself in a digital space where cutting-edge medical solutions meet seamless online shopping. Through our design, we've mirrored Biostarks' commitment to

Kyriaki Papastamatiou

Kyriaki Papastamatiou is a renowned civil engineer and wanted to expand her clientele through a beautiful website. The style of the page corresponds to her work and she is very happy with the final result.

Abroad Rent a Car

The car rental company Abroad, upgraded their site, making it dynamic, easy to read and fast, meeting the modern requirements of their customers. The reservation of the selected vehicle is also done through the company's Facebook page, as it has acquired a presence on all


The high competition in the field of heating led Kecotech to make the most spectacular website on the market with a complete list of all its services and products. It is an example site created entirely by O2design.